Fighting Poverty

We recently came across an interesting article about the testimony of Brookings Institution Senior Fellow Ron Haskins before the Senate Finance Committee on June 5, 2012 about poverty.  As Charleston Promise Neighborhood aims to transform the Neighborhood within a generation many of Mr. Haskins’ points resonate.  From Mr. Haskins’ testimony:  “Poverty has shown great if […]

School’s almost out for summer!

It’s hard to believe, but the final week of school is almost over!  All four CPN schools have had full schedules with end of year activities: Volunteer Recognition, Literacy Carnivals, Reading Celebrations, Field Days, and a play to name a few. Mary Ford Elementary had their Reading Celebration which included over 100 students making it […]

Thank You MUSC College of Health Professions Volunteers!

The main component of CPN’s KidsWell Health and Wellness initiative is the creation of a School Based Health Clinic in each of the four CPN elementary schools. Although they are staffed on a limited basis by Dr. Randazzo of MUSC, we have a wonderful, dedicated strategic volunteer, Mike Meacham who is helping us to create […]