Poor Children Can’t Learn

This sounds like a joke, but I kid you not.  I was visiting one of the four elementary schools in our Neighborhood last week, and had a quick chat in the hall with our amazing and committed Principal (names withheld to protect the innocent, and the guilty – read on and you’ll see why). During […]

Getting the Most Bang for the Buck

Difficult choices face any start-up non-profit organization when deciding where to spend its first dollars.  With the existence of many different needs in the community, any organization must have a clear sense of its own mission and its strategy for effecting change in the community before deploying any of its resources.


We have an incredible opportunity here at the Charleston Promise Neighborhood and, like everything else we do here, we’re seeking your input and support. We’ve been invited to submit a grant application for a multi-year project focused on empowering and supporting women who live in the Neighborhood, and we’ve got about a month to get […]