Misplaced Priorities?

In a recently issued report called “Misplaced Priorities: Over Incarcerate, Under Educate”, the NAACP tracks the steady shift of funds away from education and toward the criminal justice system.  Here a just a few items of interest from the report: Over the last two decades, as the criminal justice system came to assume a larger proportion […]

Thank You Friends, Partners, and Supporters!

On May 12, 2011, the one year anniversary of the Charleston Promise Neighborhood incorporation, we held a reception on the Market Pavilion Hotel rooftop.  The purpose of the event was to engage with our current donors, partners and volunteers, but also to introduce the organization to potential new friends and supporters CPN.  The event was a tremendous […]

When “Plan” Is Not A Dusty Word

For me, the word “plan” often conjures up the image of a binder filled with a lengthy written report that includes detailed charts, data, and appendices. Perhaps it was mandated by some funding source. Or, maybe a previous Board of Directors thought it would be a good idea. Even worse, it may have been some […]