Every Child Graduates High School Prepared to Succeed

Charleston Promise Neighborhood believes that we must close the achievement and opportunity gaps between children from low-income families and all other children.

  • It’s a matter of fairness.
  • It’s a matter of equity.
  • It’s a matter of economic prosperity for our community…and our country.

Charleston Promise Neighborhood works to make the dream come true that every child in our neighborhood is on a track to graduate high school and ascend to the workforce, the military or higher education.

Education is the key to success.

You can help us transform Charleston Promise Neighborhood through education. Your support provides evidence-based programs that our students need in order to succeed in school. 

We address the myriad confounding issues facing children in our neighborhood by taking a collaborative community-wide approach. Parents and community members are critical to the success of our initiatives.

It’s a tough challenge…but we can succeed. 

Our cornerstone programs:

Expanded Learning Time After-School Programs

Charleston Promise Neighborhood provides evidence-based programming that is developed and delivered, in partnership with Charleston County School District. CPN employs the expertise of dozens of nonprofit partners and community volunteers.

YouthPromise for Young Leaders

Taking an asset-based approach to our neighborhoods, YouthPromise identifies and fosters the next generation of leaders. Borrowing its curriculum from Stanford University, YouthPromise matches mentors with students who exhibit strong leadership potential.

Summer Program

Recognizing that children living in poverty fall further behind their peers in educational achievement during the summer, Charleston Promise Neighborhood, in partnership with Metanoia’s Freedom School, provided a free summer program for children in The Neck.