Expanded Learning Time Programs

Charleston Promise Neighborhood provides evidence-based programming that is developed and delivered, in partnership with Charleston County School District. CPN employs the expertise of dozens of partners and community volunteers and includes:

    • Afterschool programs,
    • Summer programs
    • Year-round enrichment experiences to reduce opportunity gaps. Students in Expanded Learning Time receive: academic remediation and homework assistance, extra-curricular enrichment (50% of which is STEM related), daily dinner

Research says Expanded Learning Time 
is desperately needed!

By the time students living in poverty reach middle school, they will have missed out on nearly 6,000 hours of learning of extra-curricular enrichment.

Tammy Jones has seen the power of Expanded Learning Time. Her son Armien participated in the program, receiving daily homework assistance, tutoring and enrichment experiences after school each day.

“I can definitely see an improved attitude about learning in my son,” Tammy said.