Children Can’t Learn When They’re Sick

Children in high-poverty/high-potential neighborhoods already face a litany of barriers to learning. Physical and mental health issues, particularly if they inhibit school-day attendance, are among the most damaging.

That’s why Charleston Promise Neighborhood and the Medical University of South Carolina established KidsWell – pediatric clinics right there in the schools.

KidsWell School-Based Clinics

Convenient school-based clinics affect both the health and education of students, and reduce potential barriers to access, including transportation and the need for their parents to miss work.

Does it Work?

  • Research by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation shows that students at schools with health clinics have more access to care.
  • Numerous studies have linked improved student health to better academic outcomes.kidswell 2017 updatesWhen you support Charleston Promise Neighborhood, you help provide:
  • A full-time pediatrician to support our community’s most vulnerable students
  • Expedited wellness screenings for vision, hearing and dental
  • Diagnosis, treatment and prescriptions
  • Assistance with referrals to school resources to help with benefits enrollment
  • Hunger amelioration, obesity prevention and physical fitness
  • Access to immediate tele-health services (where available)


How to Enroll Your Child in KidsWell

  • School-Based Health Centers are located at four CCSD schools including: Burns Elementary, Chicora Elementary, Mary Ford Elementary and Sanders-Clyde Elementary.
  • If you are a parent with a child attending one of these five schools, download and return the Enrollment Form Package to your school nurse.
  • To make an appointment or for more information, call or text KidsWell Nurse Stephanie Merrell at 843-754-7670.