The Team

Charleston Promise Neighborhood has a unique staffing model that integrates employees, executives from partner organizations and highly qualified volunteers.

Charleston Promise Neighborhood Staff


Sherrie Snipes-Williams, Chief Executive Officer
Jill Hulsen, VP, Operations and Programs
Karen Quadrio, Director of Development and Marketing
Tami Barlow, Director of Operations


Vicky Ingalls, Director of Programs
Radia HeywardCommunity Engagement Program Manager

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Strategic Volunteers

Charles W. Patrick, Jr., Development Chair
Giovanna Athias, Development Committee
Margie Morse, Development Committee
Barry Waldman, Big Fly Communications, Marketing

Charleston Promise Neighborhood School Principals 

Camille Hendrix, Mary Ford Elementary
Janice Malone, Sanders-Clyde Elementary
Laura Latto, Chicora Elementary
Chris Ryan, James Simons Elementary School

KidsWell Health & Wellness Team

Vicky IngallsCPN Director of Programs
Amy Graves, CCSD Nurse Liaison
Elana Wells, MUSC Program Manager

Sherrie Snipes-Williams, CPN CEO
Vicky Ingalls, CPN Director of Programs
Carlise Harrison, CPN Strategic Volunteer
Dr. James T. McElligott, MUSC Liaison
Melissa Prendergast, CCSD Nursing Services

Dr. Katie Cristaldi, MUSC Pediatrician and Medical Director for School-based Health
Dr. William Randazzo
MUSC Pediatrician

Keli Garber, APRN, APRN, MUSC Lead Nurse Practitioner
Katherine Chike-Harris, APRN, KidsWell Nurse Practitioner
Paula Brooks, APRN, KidsWell Nurse Practitioner
Stephanie MerrellLPN, KidsWell School Nurse
Stephanie Kelly, Telepresenter
Christian Miley, KidsWell Health Assistant

Allison Wukovits, Sanders-Clyde Elementary
Charlene Barbot, Mary Ford Elemetary
Jennifer Tallaricco, James Simons Elementary
Amanda Kalinsky, School NurseChicora Elementary
Stacey Ribble, School Nurse, Burns Elementary