Giving Charleston children a brighter future

Educational programs + health care + community engagement provide opportunities for success

Helping children in some of Charleston’s lowest-performing schools realize their potential.

Charleston Promise Neighborhood’s programming is modeled after the highly effective Harlem Children’s Zone, a national, evidence-based model for breaking the cycle of poverty in which Education + Family/Community + Health = Results.

We believe in supporting the whole child because the success of our children and the strength of the community go hand in hand. Their needs are inseparable and must be addressed together if we want to break the cycle of generational poverty and give our children greater opportunities for success.

This is why we provide educational programming, family/community engagement opportunities and health care within our schools, ensuring each child, in each school in our community is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. All these services are provided free of charge* to students and families.

Educational Programs

Every child deserves the chance to graduate from high school. With our educational programs, children have the additional opportunities for educational enrichment, leadership development and mentoring, which would not otherwise be available to them.

Afterschool programs give students access to homework help, extracurricular programs and an evening meal.

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Charleston Promise Neighborhood also provides discretionary funds to principals which are invested in the needs of the school. Typical investments include extra professionals in the building, such as second teachers or behavioral support professionals; teacher professional development; and culture building activities such as community celebrations.

In addition, through our longstanding partnerships we offer opportunities for student field experiences which include STEM activities, coding camps, nature adventures, and maufacturing site visits (e.g., Boeing DreamLearners, Camp Blackbaud, and BOSCH ecoSTEM).

KidsWell School-Based Health Program

CPN’s longest-running program, KidsWell provides our students with quality health care without ever having to leave campus!

We are excited to offer two opportunities to provide care to your student this school year: Visits at school and virtual visits at home!

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Enroll today!

When asked, please enter parent/guardian first and last name. If you do not have an email address, please use

English enrollment forms
Spanish enrollment forms

 Visits at school:

 – Your child can be examine, diagnosed and treated by healthcare providers while at school
– Students are evaluated in the school nurse’s office
– Schedule appointments through the school nurse

Visits at home:

– To schedule a virtual visit when school is in session, call 843-792-0355 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

 Other information:

– Medicaid covers the cost of the visits
– Private insurance coverage varies, copays and deductibles apply
– For specific KidsWell questions, call KidsWell nurse Stephanie Merrell 843-754-7670


Parent and Community Engagement

By engaging parents and community members in our schools, we have established trust and built strong relationships, promoting improved academic achievement, increased school attendance, positive classroom behavior, celebrated test scores and increased parental involvement.

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Understanding the partnership of parents and community stakeholders is critical to our success, we have created a Community Engagement Council. This council is an excellent support system for students, parents, the community and schools in our neighborhood.

We provide activities and events designed to strengthen our families and engage the community in our work. Our events are focused on STEM, literacy, creative and visual arts. Our family engagement events bring children, parents, teachers and other community stakeholders to our schools for a night of hands-on fun and learning to increase transformation within a generation.

Measuring our success in Charleston’s schools

We know children have the chance for a bright future when they are educated, healthy and connected to their community. Our programs in Title I elementary schools give children access to opportunities that can transform a generation.


students received higher reading scores after going through our summer program in 2019

children enrolled in KidsWell during the 2018-2019 school year

students participated in family engagement events in the 2018-2019 school year

Nurse Charlene Barbot

Mary Ford Early Learning & Family Center

Our families are feeling a relationship and trust that has not been in the past. The students look forward to our events to promote nutrition, physical fitness, coping and cress management, sleep hygiene, literacy and STEM events. There is much effort from so many to make great things happen with little resources. We are so grateful to the support provided to our impoverished community by CPN and all of the businesses and people who make these great things possible.

Kelsi Brewer

Manager of Public & Private Relations

S.C. Ports Authority

Being a part of the Charleston Promise Neighborhood community is incredibly rewarding. The dedication of the leadership team and volunteers is second to none. The community is in a better place because of the work CPN is spearheading.

Be part of transforming a generation in 3 simple steps:

1. Make a donation.

2. Know your dollars go directly to supporting programs that give children the opportunity to succeed.

3. Be part of a community where everyone has access to a bright future.