Education + Health & Wellness + Community & Family Engagement = Results


Through our academic programs, children have additional opportunities for educational enrichment and development through afterschool programs, summer programs, Camp Blackbaud, field trips, and other extracurricular activities. 

 Since its inception, CPN has partnered with its neighborhood schools to co-design strategies and fund and implement initiatives, all aimed at improving academic and social outcomes for our students and their families. While we acknowledge the strengths of our schools, we must also provide additional resources to infuse creativity, innovation, and ultimately, results.


Health & Wellness

Our longest-running program, KidsWell, provides students with quality health care without ever having to leave the school building! Through our partnerships with the Medical University of South Carolina and Fetter Health Care Network, we bring health care providers into the schools.

KidsWell is important for primary, preventive, and early healthcare intervention. The convenience of school-based clinics for both students and families reduces any potential barriers to receiving care, including transportation and parents missing time from work. With expedited access, KidsWell is designed to help children be healthy and able learners by decreasing class time missed. 

Community & Family Engagement

CPN’s Community & Family Engagement activities empower and engage community members, strengthen families, provide residents with the tools necessary to help build the supports all communities need to affect change.

We provide activities and events designed to strengthen our families and engage the community in our work. Our events bring children, parents, teachers, residents, and community stakeholders to our schools for nights of hands-on fun and learning such as: Family Science Night, CPN Night at the SC Aquarium, CPN Social Studies Bowl, Family Health & Wellness Night, and more!


Be part of transforming a generation in 3 simple steps:

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3. Be part of a community where everyone has access to a bright future.