Our Vision

Charleston Promise Neighborhood is a place where residents are engaged in their community and every child is on track to succeed in life.

Why We Do It

  • 1. Provide equal opportunities for all children, despite their circumstances.
  • 2. Remove barriers for transformative education. 
  • 3. Unite families for growth and to support parent advocacy.
  • 4. Facilitate partnerships that provide medical and behavioral healthcare to residents and students that improve health outcomes. 
  • 5. Connect education to the workforce and give students monthly access to career development and leadership opportunities.

Our Mission

Charleston Promise Neighborhood provides comprehensive programs and

services that support children, strengthen families, and mobilize residents to action.

Our Neighborhood

Charleston Promise Neighborhood (CPN). located in The Neck of Charleston, is a 5.6 square mile area of Charleston County that is one of the most under resourced corridors in the state. Generations of residents raised in the Neighborhood have consistently had limited access to opportunities in terms of quality education, housing, transportation, and employment.

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