About Us

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Children raised in poverty are 55% more likely to drop out of high school and four times more likely to live in poverty as adults than those not raised in poverty.

We believe every child should have the same opportunity to succeed in life.

We know that education is the key to success, and that education, poverty and health issues are inexorably linked.

Our Work

Charleston Promise Neighborhood serves children in one of the poorest areas of Charleston County, the 5.6-square mile area known as The Neck. Barriers to education keep children in these neighborhoods from performing as well in school as their counterparts elsewhere in the county.

Charleston Promise Neighborhood works to combat those trends and give every child an opportunity to succeed.

Elementary schools in The Neck:Neighborhood girl

  • Chicora
  • Mary Ford
  • James Simons
  • Sanders-Clyde

Working with parents of the children in these schools, and with multiple community partners, we provide intensive, holistic services designed to spark children’s innate intelligence, creativity and thirst for learning.

Our goal is nothing short of transforming these communities within a generation by ensuring that every child is on track to graduate high school with the abilities necessary to succeed in college, the military or the workforce.

Plan for Success

Our approach is modeled after the historically successful Harlem Children’s Zone in New York City.  Community transformation requires discipline, rigor and collaboration.

Our process:

  • Identify needs in education, healthcare and parent & community engagement
  • Implement solutions that have been proven to help children succeed
  • Measure our outcomes and ensure community ownership


Transformation does not occur quickly. It is complex, difficult, time consuming and must be intentional. Our ambitious goal of transformation in a generation requires continual, daily commitment to create the conditions that foster success.

Proven Results

untitled Recognizing that children living in poverty fall further behind their peers in educational achievement during the summer, Charleston Promise Neighborhood, in partnership with Metanoia’s Freedom School, provides a free summer school program for dozens of children in The Neck.

The result: no more “summer slide.” In fact, many children in the program gained learning skills:

Summer 2016 Program Results

    • 75% of students reading at or above grade level
    • 100% of students maintained or gained literacy skills
    • 1st graders averaged a 6-point improvement on the Reading Recover Assessment

Trimming Costs

Rather than reinvent the wheel, Charleston Promise Neighborhood partners with organizations measurably changing children’s lives.

Charleston Promise Neighborhood works closely with Charleston County School District on classroom excellence and the Medical University of South Carolina on child wellness.