parents and community involvement

We Must Involve Parents and Community in the Education of Children

No one is more important to a child than their parent. Because children spend 70% of their time away from school, any effort to improve children’s academic performance must include and involve their parents. Research has demonstrated repeatedly and convincingly that parental and community involvement in schools leads to improved academic and behavioral outcomes for […]

MUSC Kidswell child health check

The Value of Telehealth in Schools

Visit the school nurse’s office in Charleston Promise Neighborhood schools – Chicora, Sanders-Clyde, James Simons, Burns and Mary Ford – and you will see an odd contraption. It is the video conferencing set-up with a stethoscope, otoscope and examination camera that you see here. As part of MUSC’s KidsWell program in schools throughout the county, […]

arts project collaboration

Rhymes for a Reason: Interfaith Arts Project Poetry

Charleston Promise Neighborhood and the Charleston Jewish Federation are collaborating on a program that brings Jewish high school students and Neighborhood high school students together to discuss issues of social justice and create arts projects to illustrate what they have learned from each other. Called Teens Talk It Up: Interfaith Arts Project, it brought in […]