Understanding the Focus of CPN

Part of our objective with this blog is to inform the public about what the Charleston Promise Neighborhood is trying to achieve.  We have chosen Sanders-Clyde, Mary Ford,  James-Simons, and Chicora elementary schools as the initial focal points for our efforts, but our long term vision is to improve the entire 5.6 square mile Promise […]

2011 Annual Commitments Released

The Charleston Promise Neighborhood has released its Annual Commitments for 2011.  This document outlines the organization’s goals and objectives for the upcoming calendar year, and we are sharing these with our donors, supporters and the public so that we can be held accountable to what we say we are going to do.  We’ve set the […]

Infusing CPN Elementary Schools with Resources

As Dwayne mentioned in his earlier post that summarized our last six months, the CPN Program Team is hard at work on our elementary school “resource infusion” strategy to provide additional supports to the four CPN Elementary Schools (Sanders-Clyde, James Simons, Mary Ford, and Chicora) that are designed to impact six key areas: Strengthening principal […]