CPN Funds Experiential Learning Trips

Written by Sherrie Snipes-Williams

On April 16, 2014

Photo courtesy of Mary Ford Elementary

Every year Charleston Promise Neighborhood funds experiential learning trips for students to connect what happens in their classroom to the outside world. One trip we funded this year was to the Riverbank Zoo. Here are the letters we received from three of our students. We love letters from our kids!

Letter from Mary Ford Elementary 3rd Grader – G’Niah.

Columbia Riverbank Zoo. Have you ever been to Columbia zoo for free? I was very excited to go on a field trip to see animal from all over the world. 

We went to Columbia zoo on a bus. I was so eager to see different animals at the zoo like wild animals, reptiles and water animals in their natural habitat.

My favorte animal was the giraffe becaused I got to feed him lettuce. I was scared at first but I looked at his eyes and he was calm. He tickled my hands. It was so funny I will never forget how he made me laugh. Other amazing animals were the cow because I got to milk him. I also saw a scary long anacondas, green snakes that are wrapped around on a tree, sand snakes, big fat elephants, pink flamingos, the lions were sunbathing, baby kangroo’s and hairy baboons that looked funny.

I learned so much about animals that I can’t learn in books. Thank you Ms Reynolds for giving me the oppunity to go to the zoo especilly when it’s free.  – G’Niah, 3rd Grade.

Letter from Mary Ford Elementary 3rd Grader – Kwame.

There are many interesting places to visit in South Carolina. One is Columbia. It is because it has a zoo full of animals from all around the world. We are so lucky we get to go on a field trip to the Columbia zoo to see the different animals in their natural habitat.

At the zoo we saw animals like lazy lions laying in the sun, long fat big snakes like the Phython, snakes sticking their heads out of the sand like sticks, huge elephants walking very lazyly, the beautyful pink flamingo, penguins in their black and white suits, crocadils and aligators with their sharp teeth chirping birds. I like all the animals I saw. I leaned about many types of animals and how they survive in their habitat. I thank Ms. Reynolds for allowing us to go to the zoo. – Kwame, 3rd Grade.

Letter from Mary Ford Elementary 3rd Grader – Davon.

Trip to Columbia Riverbank zoo on april 2nd my class went on a field trip to columbia riverbank zoo. We saw animals from around the world!

I noticed that we had a white bus instead of a yellow bus and that the bus was longer than a regular bus. It took us 2 hours to get thier. On our way to columbia we saw a nature walk, hills, ditches, and signs. The signs tells us the miles to columbia.

At the zoo I saw desert, tropical, forest, and under water animals. But my favrite animal was the bull because they are big, black, strong, and have horns. The bills were fighting. 

My other favrite animal was the hook sloth cause it had a hook hand to climb on trees. They had warrior fish, flamingoes, cows, andaconda, monkeys, baboons, giraffe that tickled my hand when I feed it, bats pinguins, baby kangaroo, lions, koulas, and gorillas. 

I learned a lot about animals. I wan to thank you for letting me go to the zoo. –Davon, 3rd Grade.