CPN Welcomes New VISTA

August 31, 2016

Dear Charleston Promise Neighborhood friends,

My name is James Vickers. I am serving as the Parent Engagement VISTA for Charleston Promise Neighborhood. I will be working under the supervision of the Director of Programs, Vicky Ingalls and the Community Engagement Program Manager, Radia Heyward. This year, I am truly excited to work alongside you and the community.

Just to give you a brief background of myself; I was born and raised in Charleston, SC. I attended Angel Oak Elementary and then majored in Visual Arts for seven years at Charleston County School of the Arts. After graduating from SOA in 2010, I attended the College of Charleston. Throughout college, I took on multiple roles such as being a mentor/tutor for students at Title I schools and also volunteering for organizations such as the Beau Affair, Boys and Girls Club, and the CALL ME MISTER program. As an undergrad I reached one of my highest achievements by joining the brotherhood of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Through the fraternity, I provided different volunteer work and services for the March of Dimes Foundation, Go to High School-Go to College, and Adopt a Highway.

After graduating from college, I wanted to pursue my career as a middle school teacher. I enjoyed wearing multiple hats as I was a teacher but also a mentor, father, and brother for students who truly needed a male figure in their lives. After teaching a year in a Title I school setting, I shared empathy with my students who were not “bad kids” but came from very rough communities and just did whatever was needed to survive.

Again, I am truly ecstatic to work with all of you this upcoming year. Please feel free to contact me through email or phone: james.vickers@charlestonpromise.org  (843) 303-0053james