What Our Staff Says About National Non-profit Day

Sherrie Snipes-Williams and CPN team
August 14, 2019

What is your favorite thing about working at a nonprofit?
At Charleston Promise Neighborhood (CPN), we are a mission-focused organization which strives every day to increase access to opportunities for the students and families in our community through various avenues, including but not limited to, education, health and wellness, and community engagement. We are very humbled by the opportunity to serve within our surrounding neighborhoods and appreciate that through these efforts, we are able to build strong and long-lasting relationships with other local organizations, community members, and corporate partners. The work that we do is incredibly fulfilling and we are thankful to be a part of the movement and progress that is taking place within our neighborhoods.

What accomplishments or moments are you most proud of from this past year?
This year, we are very proud that we have been able to expand our student and parent engagement through events such as Family Engagement Nights, the 6th Annual Social Studies Bowl, and so much more! We have also had the opportunity to implement digital content learning opportunities through our after school program, which resulted in great benefits for our students this past year! Last but not least, we were proud to share in the celebration with Mary Ford Elementary as they won the Boeing MUSC Wellness Award for 2018/2019!

What is one thing about your nonprofit (or mission) you wish more people knew?
At CPN, we serve not only our students and the schools at which they attend; we do our best to serve families as well. This helps to ensure that we are providing our children 360-degrees of support. These efforts take commitment not only from our staff, but also from a diverse group of partners, including our stakeholders, families and community members, to whom we are incredibly grateful. We will continue to be intentional in creating space and opportunities for our staff and partners to share, give, and do meaningful work in order to support our mission.

How do you show appreciation to your nonprofit community (donors, fundraisers, volunteers, employees)?
As employees, the reward is truly in the work for us. That said, we are thankful every day that through the support and generosity of our community we are able to continue in our mission work. It is important to us that every form of support be acknowledged with utmost gratitude and thanks! Whether it be through volunteering, donations, or spreading the word about our organization, we are incredibly appreciative and grateful for each and every one of our community members and partners. Thank you for making what we do possible!

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