Children Learning Though Art in Inspirational Pathways

Written by Tami Barlow

On March 27, 2018

Inspirational Pathways art painting

Thanks to a very generous 10-year, $25,000 grant from Ms. Barbara Melvin, Charleston Promise Neighborhood has created Inspirational Pathways, an arts-based enrichment program at Sanders-Clyde Creative Arts School.

Inspirational Pathways art stencil

Fifth graders participating in Inspirational Pathways recently visited  Redux Contemporary Arts Center to learn about the artistic process and become inspired to express themselves creatively through various art media. Two painters of different media, a stenciller and a photographer shared their passions, processes and skills with the students.

Inspirational Pathways art photography

With research showing these hands-on experiences reinforce classroom learning, the students were excited and asked many questions of the artists.

Inspirational Pathways art abstract

After photos were taken, the students returned to school where they will vote on and commission a work of art, which will be featured proudly on a wall at Sanders-Clyde Creative Arts.