New Enrichment Program: The Garden Club

Written by Tami Barlow

On January 31, 2018

Hands-on learning is an essential component of the after-school model implemented by Charleston Promise Neighborhood during the last three school years. When students reinforce concepts taught in the classroom with Enrichment education through food preparationexperiential learning, they possess a greater likelihood of retaining and using the information as they move from elementary school into middle and high school.

The Garden Club at Mary Ford Elementary School builds upon core principles of the Expanded Learning Time program while also engaging our wider community advocates, drawing upon their expertise and support as we work towards generational change in the North Charleston “neighborhood.”

This initiative, comprising roughly 10 students, is meeting weekly during a two-month trial period culminating in an event in which students will prepare a meal with fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden for fellow students, faculty and local residents.

It’s anticipated that the Garden Club will run through our summer after-school program and into the Fall of 2018.