We Did It!

Written by Sherrie Snipes-Williams

On March 6, 2014

CPN’s Community Engagement Council’s Hosts Their First Neighborhood Rally!

CPN’s Community Engagement Council (CEC) hosts its first Neighborhood Rally! Over 150 people attended despite the blistering cold day. Hearts were warm and bellies were certainly full! Residents from all parts of the CPN Neighborhood came to enjoy free food, hot cocoa, and student performances.  CPN’s community engagement initiatives are integral to achieving our goals of mobilizing residents and allowing residents to be recognizable forces for community transformation.  As such, the Community Engagement Council Rally was designed to raise excitement about CPN and its programs among residents living within the CPN community, and to strengthen the role and visibility of Community Engagement Council members to serve as voices and advocates for CPN and community issues.

CPN and CEC would like to give a huge shout-out and thank you to:

  • Pepsi Bottling Co. for their large donation of water and soft drinks;

  • R3, Inc.’s staff and volunteers for preparing and serving refreshments;

  • CEC members for hosting the event, recruiting attendees, and donating food and drinks; and

  • Our volunteers and community for their support!

Charleston Promise Neighborhood Staff and Community Engagement Council Members.

CEC and CPN team

Children having a great time in our “KidsKorner.”

CEC jumprope

Families watching student performances that included choirs, dance teams, and cheerleaders.

CEC families

Community Engagement Council Members keeping everyone happily fed.