Are you smarter than a CPNLC student?

Are you smarter than a CPNLC student?
March 6, 2014

CPNLC Social Studies Bowl February 20th @ The Charleston Museum

Q: President John Adams was the member of what political party?

Q: What revolutionary leader famously uttered the words “Give me liberty or give me death!” in a speech at the second Virginia Convention?

The Charleston Promise Neighborhood Learning Community is bringing its nonprofit partners together to share the joy of history! Students in 1st through 5th grade will compete for the coveted 2014 Social Studies Bowl trophy on February 20th at The Charleston Museum. Fifteen students from each of CPN’s four schools will answer questions about natural resources, geography, and the American Revolution.

Activities planned for the evening include, quill pen writing, colonial dress up, and the creation of “tussie-mussies” (bouquets, nosegays, floral arrangements, etc.)

The Social Studies Bowl is a result of working in collaboration with our community partners–The Historic Charleston Foundation and The Charleston Museum–to plan an exciting social studies experience for CPNLC students.

“I believe community involvement is key to the Charleston Museum’s mission, and we are excited to work with the Charleston Promise Neighborhood (Learning Community) on their upcoming Social Studies Bowl.  This is an excellent way to engage young minds,” said Carl Borick Director of The Charleston Museum.

Answers: Federalist, Patrick Henry