Girl Talk: The Writing is on the Wall

  Charleston Promise Neighborhood’s (CPN) mission is to ensure that all of our Neighborhood students are on track to graduate high school with the skills necessary to enter college, the workforce, or the military. To that end, on Monday, May 22nd, CPN partnered with Sanders-Clyde and 37 local female business and community leaders to bring […]

Sanders-Clyde Students Build 21st Century Skills during CPN Afterschool Program

On Wednesday, May 4th, Sanders-Clyde students demonstrated newly-learned 21st Century Skills during their Expanded Learning Time (ELT) “Show What You Know” year-end showcase. A room full of parents watched as their children performed and articulated how their participation in the ELT afterschool program this past semester helped them grow their collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving […]

Personalized Learning

Integrating digital content with face-to-face teaching is proving to be a powerful new technique in classrooms all over the country, and is being used during the school day as well during CPN afterschool programs at two of our Neighborhood schools. Personalized learning is a technique that fuses traditional teaching via an instructor with digital content– […]