School’s almost out for summer!

It’s hard to believe, but the final week of school is almost over!  All four CPN schools have had full schedules with end of year activities: Volunteer Recognition, Literacy Carnivals, Reading Celebrations, Field Days, and a play to name a few. Mary Ford Elementary had their Reading Celebration which included over 100 students making it […]

Thank You MUSC College of Health Professions Volunteers!

The main component of CPN’s KidsWell Health and Wellness initiative is the creation of a School Based Health Clinic in each of the four CPN elementary schools. Although they are staffed on a limited basis by Dr. Randazzo of MUSC, we have a wonderful, dedicated strategic volunteer, Mike Meacham who is helping us to create […]

Community Engagement Council News

So far this year, CPN’s Community Engagement Council (CEC) has designed and implemented two programs that are encouraging leadership for both students and adults. In January, a leadership pilot program (YouthPromise) was started on Saturdays for Sanders-Clyde Middle School students.  Twelve students enrolled in the monthly program and are engaged in topics such as effective […]