Charleston Promise Neighborhood: A New Learning Community

Charleston Promise Neighborhood: A New Learning Community 3
August 7, 2013

As part of Charleston County School District’s Learning Community reorganization, Superintendent Dr. Nancy McGinley created the Charleston Promise Neighborhood (CPN) Learning Community, designed to accelerate academic performance at our four elementary schools:  Chicora Elementary, James Simons Elementary, Mary Ford Elementary and Sanders-Clyde Elementary/Middle schools.  Effective July 1st, LaTisha Vaughn-Brandon will continue her role as CPN’s Director of Education Initiatives and assume the position of Assistant Associate Superintendent of the CPN Learning Community, reporting directly to Dr. McGinley.

LaTisha Vaughn-Brandon
CPN’s Director of Education Initiatives and Assistant Associate Superintendent of the CPN Learning Community, LaTisha Vaughn-Brandon

“I am hopeful and excited about the possibility of creating a group of schools where socio-economic status and race are not determinants of a child’s ability to be successful; a group of schools where our children’s academic levels are indistinguishable, not only from our highest performing Charleston County schools, but private schools in the area as well,” said Vaughn-Brandon.  “As our children walk through Charleston Promise Neighborhood schools’ doors, we will ensure that each teacher is wholly prepared to lead college-bound students, and that students have all of the resources they need to exceed.  Their futures are literally in our hands.”

The CPN Learning Community is comprised of teams of committed educators who are committed to academic excellence and to the success of all students.  Our commitment will be demonstrated in the way we prepare and teach our children, the way we embrace their families, the way we collaborate and share with our colleagues and community members, and how we transition from teaching students to ensuring that each student learns.  Vaughn-Brandon will work with teachers and Principals to replicate national best practices in CPN schools.  Earlier this month, during a CPN Learning Community Principals’ Retreat, LaTisha gave a charge to each Principal, indicating that “The CPN Learning Community is creating the type of environment where we do not allow excuses to be a hindrance for children.  This work will be some of the hardest, yet most rewarding work we will ever do.  And as your new leader, I am committed to you because you are the key to our children’s success.”

We are excited about this new learning community where we will be able to focus resources as well as innovative best practices on leadership, teachers, and students in our four schools.