Charleston Promise Neighborhood Receives $200K to Enhance School Leadership Performance

October 26, 2012

Charleston Promise Neighborhood is pleased to announce receipt of a $200,000 grant from The Boeing Company that will be used to enhance school leadership performance and improve teacher quality within the four schools served by CPN – Mary Ford Elementary, Chicora School of CommunicationsJames Simons Elementary, and Sanders-Clyde Creative Arts School.

The “Enhance School Leadership Performance” strategy is outlined by the organization’s Achieving Classroom Excellence (ACE) Program, which will enhance student performance by investing rigorously in principal leadership and teacher quality. These strategies focus on improving overall teacher performance through personalized teacher professional development, building master teachers in literacy and math, providing principals with the leadership supports they need to manage a culture of success, and exploring innovative teacher training models to ensure optimum results for students. CPN will pilot state-of-the-art technology and educational approaches to ensure every teacher is wholly equipped to meet the needs of the students and ensure their ability to succeed.

“We are overjoyed by this gift from Boeing!” said Sherrie Snipes-Williams, Charleston Promise Neighborhood CEO. “This grant is a game-changing vote of confidence for CPN in our efforts to infuse innovation and rigor in our schools.”