Sanders- Clyde Creative Arts School Puts Children’s Health & Safety First

Written by Amanda Cote

On October 29, 2012


Sanders-Clyde Students

Sanders-Clyde students and parents gathered before sunrise to promote safety in the community

Sanders- Clyde’s PTA participated in the international “Walk to School” day on Wednesday, October 3, 2012.  It was a great opportunity to meet parents, students, teachers, community members and community partners to share with them how healthy it is to walk to school, and to educate the children on how to walk to school safely.  This would benefit our children because day light savings time will be happening soon, and they will be walking while it is still dark.  “What impressed me the most was the fathers walking their daughters to school.  What a beautiful site to see.  Although, we were small in number, we were big with spirit,” said Nakisha Scott, Program Assistant, Charleston Promise Neighborhood.

CPN would like to thank the PTA team, teachers, parents, kids, community members and community partners for making this event a success. Special thanks to Mrs. Gail Blair, and Ratrina Johnson for chairing the event, and Mrs. Curnell from the Gator Café for supplying us with delicious healthy fruits.

Great Job PTA Team keep up the good work.